Top 8 reasons why collecting James Phua’s artworks.


1. One of the most talented painters of horses

James Phua is regarded as one of the most talented painters of horses in the field of contemporary international art. At the age of 5, his talent shocked everyone when he did his first Chinese horse painting as he was self-taught. At the age of 19, James Phua held his first solo Chinese horse painting exhibition with great success and received good reviews. As a distinctive painter of horses, James Phua has captured the real spirit of horse and has a profound knowledge of horse anatomy. He emphasizes the study of real horses instead of following other artists’ styles. What a co-incidence, the birth year of James Phua is exactly the same as the birth year of the greatest horse of the Century: Secretariat. Yet, his birth date also falls on the most important and historical date for Secretariat as it was on this date that this horse won the celebrated Triple Crown in the Belmont Stakes. These co-incidences have helped make James Phua even more of a marvelous one-of-a kind horse painting master.


2. Breakthroughs in Chinese horse painting

The revolutionary techniques, conceptions and style employed in Phua’s Chinese horse paintings have opened up a new horizon and perspective on the development of Chinese horse painting.  James Phua was the first artist who forwarded the idea of using “Qi” to paint horses and created the ‘Ultra-freestyle’ technique. In the field of contemporary Chinese painting, he is also the first artist who has mastered a-single-stroke-horse painting. James Phua, a forward looking artist, whose perception is ahead of his time. His breakthroughs in horse painting are significant and remarkable. (For more details, please read: A Briefing on James Phua’s artworks.)


3. Unique themes

As for the subject matter, James Phua has adopted themes that other Chinese horse painters have rarely depicted such as his series of horse racing, Polo, show jumping and flying horses as well as his amazing a- single-stroke horse painting. (For more details, please read: A Briefing on James Phua’s artworks.)


4. Distinctive personal art style and hard to imitate

To be a representative and prominent figure in the contemporary art field, one must have a distinctive personal art style in his or her works. In this respect, James Phua’s highly recognizable art style has met this requirement. Yet his art style is hard to imitate. In addition to his unique themes, his art identification also reflects on his pioneering techniques such as the Ultra-freestyle, Calligraphic Motion Blur, Motion Trails Effect and Ink Splattering Technique. Unlike most contemporary Chinese painters, James Phua’s horse painting style is never restricted to the pattern or genealogy of the late Xu Beihong.


5. Good Value, Great Potential.

James Phua is regarded as one of the most promising artists among the 70s-born-artists. As a middle aged artist, the market price of his Chinese horse paintings will surely go up in the near future. Now it’s the best opportunity to collect one of James Phua’s Chinese horse paintings while his works are still undervalued. Recently his unique artworks have attracted many art collectors and investors’ attentions and his work Kentucky Derby Horse Racing was sold at a high price.


6. James Phua’s masterpieces are limitedly available.

As a self-demanding artist, James Phua will only release his masterpieces to the public after many times of repeated sifting.  He is always challenging himself for reaching new height in his artworks. Thus his masterpieces are limitedly available in art market. This factor has fulfilled the rule of art investment philosophy that a masterpiece is priced if it is rare.


7. Horse painting is always one of the most sought-after pieces of art.

The horse has captured man’s spirit. The horse is one of the most important animals in our culture and has become an excellent partner for man. A smart investor will choose subject matters that appeal to most collectors. Serious collectors are willing to pay a higher price for better subjects.  In the art investment statistics, the horse painting is always one of the most sought-after pieces of art.


8. Guarantee of Authenticity.

Certificate of Authenticity (original artwork) will be issued to the buyer of each work sold by The Horse Masterpiece Gallery. The certificate contains the signature and seal of the artist as well as the photograph of the artist with his artwork which is sold to the buyer.