Our online art gallery has been authorized by internationally renowned horse painter James Phua to sell his masterpieces.

James Phua is regarded as one of most talented painters of horses in the field of contemporary international art.  His horse paintings are one- of- a kind and reveal manner of great master. As an artist, James Phua has captured the real spirit of horse, and has a profound knowledge of horse anatomy. He emphasizes the study of real horses instead of following other artists’ styles. The revolutionary techniques, conceptions and style employed in his Chinese horse paintings have opened up a new horizon and perspective on the development of Chinese horse painting. As for the subject matter, he has adopted themes that other Chinese horse painters have rarely depicted such as his series of horse racing, polo, show jumping and flying horses as well as his amazing a- single-stroke-horse paintings. James Phua, a forward looking artist whose perception is ahead of his time, has given new life to the  world of Chinese painting with his advanced ideas and views clearly demonstrated in his horse paintings. His breakthroughs in horse painting are significant and remarkable.

Certificate of Authenticity (original artwork) will be issued to the buyer of each work sold by our gallery. The certificate contains signature and seal of the artist as well as photograph of the artist with his artwork which is sold to the buyer.

Besides selling the original artworks of James Phua, our gallery has been also authorized to sell digital image copyrights of James Phua’s artworks.

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